Timber Express Train


A ) Express Train Engine
Length: 2262mm
Width: 1177mm
Height: 1800mm
FFH Height: 1160mm
Surface Area: 19.78m2
Surfacing dimensions: 5213 x 4090mm

B ) Passenger Carriage
Length: 1247mm
Width: 1142mm
Height: 922mm

C ) 1st Class Carriage
Length: 1390mm
Width: 1177mm
Height: 1800mm

D ) Tunnel Carriage
Length: 1323mm
Width: 1126mm
Height: 948mm
FFH Height: 948mm
Surface Area: 15.98m2
Surfacing dimensions: 4285 x 4090mm

Main Features

  • Express Train Carriage: shiplap roof, play tunnel, moving play panels, HDPE bench and themed HDPE
  • Passenger Carriage: timber seating and shiplap side panels with themed HDPE
  • 1st Class Carriage: timber seating, shiplap side panels with themed HDPE and shiplap roof
  • Tunnel Carriage: play tunnel and themed HDPE

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