Eva-last Technology


Durability To Last A Lifetime

EvaLast 15 from A E Evans’ EvaFence brand is our premium fencing product that comes with a 15 year warranty against premature failure due to rot or insect attack.

Using one of our automated incising machines the timber has incisions of up to 10mm added to the lower half where in-ground contact is made.

The incisions allow the chemical treatment to penetrate the timber to a deeper level which increases chemical intake against a standard stake or strainer increasing the protection.

EvaLast15 timbers have identity pins located in the top of the timber with A E Evans’s initials and the year of manufacture on them making them easily identifiable in the unlikely event of a premature failure occurring.

Registration is not required for EvaLast 15 products however should any failure occur, we ask for photographic evidence of the failed post, the identity pin and proof of purchase.

How It Works

Firstly we use quality spruce stakes dried to optimum moisture level ready for treatment.

Using one of our three incising machines we mechanically incise the timber giving us the best penetration.

The timber is then treated with the latest generation timber treatment. 

These steps give us the 15 year warranty.