Steel Feet

In Ground Steel Feet

Why choose steel feet?

Steel feet hold the timber above ground level so there is no direct contact between the timber and the ground. The gap left between the timber and the ground makes surface maintenance easier as there is less risk of strimmer damage when grass cutting. Should timbers need to be replaced they can be unbolted with no need to dig new groundworks or damage the existing surfacing.

Which steel foot?

The type of steel foot used varies depending on the item of equipment. Timbers that take a lighter load can be fitted with our inserted galvanised steel feet but those which require more structural support would be equipped with our wrap around steel feet. Square steel feet are also available for tower posts and sleepers.

Adding steel feet does not alter the guarantee on EvaRound 10 or EvaRound 15 timbers but must be fitted to products in the EvaRound 20 range. Steel feet can be fitted to 125mm and 150mm diameter timbers.

Inserted Steel Feet

  • Most cost effective steel foot
  • Can be used on 125, 150 and 200mm diameter round timbers
  • Best suited to low level trail items like the balance walk and stepping logs.

Wrap Around Steel Feet

  • Premium steel foot option for 125 and 150mm diameter timbers.
  • The two halves of the steel foot clamp on to oposite sides of the timber and anchor it into the ground.
  • Ideal for use when timbers carry a greater structural load or if timbers are supporting moving components like swings.

Square Timber Steel Foot

  • For use with our square timber tower posts and sleepers.
  • Foot clamps to one side of the square timber and anchors into the ground. Ideal for use on Trail items and Tower units.