Our Mission

At A E Evans we are committed to safeguarding our environment and to demonstrate this we adopt the following practices:

We continually assess what efficiencies can be made within our production processes with a view to minimising the amount of waste generated and the energy consumed.

Timber used in the fencing and play production is purchased only from those suppliers that are committed to the responsible management of sustainable forests.

Where possible we use locally grown wood from the Welsh forests to minimise the haulage. To maximise on our haulage efficiency, where possible those delivering raw material inwards also carry finished goods outwards to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.

We encourage the recycling of our products and all by-products are further processed by secondary industries. The stripped bark is chipped and used in the landscape, horticultural and equestrian industries. All chip and sawdust is used in a local biomass plant that produces both electricity and heat.

We are committed to the sustainability of our local area and the local community as well as being one of the locality’s larger employers.


As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of fencing, landscape, amenity and playground timber products, A E Evans Ltd take our environmental and social responsibilities very seriously.

We are committed to developing our business towards ecological, social and economic sustainability.

We support environmentally appropriate management of the UK’s and World’s forests.

A E Evans Ltd are FSC® certified and operate a mixed credit control system.

We fully support the UK Woodland Assurance Standard and FSC® certification policies. FSC® certified products are available on request.

All UK woodland operations and timber supplies are derived from strictly controlled sources, either through government body approved felling licences or forest / woodland management plans. The Forestry Commission and many private woodland owners operate under the FSC® certification scheme.

All wood supplied to A E Evans Ltd can be traced to source using our internal systems, compliant with FSC® standards.

All wood supplied to A E Evans Ltd can be guaranteed as “sourced from sustainably managed forests, where all aspects of approved environmental practice are ensured”.

Our standards and commitment towards sustainability are 100% compliant with regulatory controls.