New Product - Clamber Castle

Monday 14th December 2020

New from A E Evans, creators of the original ‘Clamber Stacks’,
we are proud to officially launch the biggest and boldest
unit in the entire EvaPlay range........

Fully utilising our on site state of the art automated production, the Clamber Castle from A E Evans’s EvaPlay brings together the incredibly popular Clamber Stacks® and our new generation Timber Tower ranges to produce a truly unique unit offering exceptional play value for a wide range of ages.

The intricate design of The Clamber Castle will captivate children’s imagination to explore and conquer every aspect of the Castle from the darkest dungeon to the lavish throne room.

Children will enter a world of imagination helping to develop their cognitive and social skills whilst also experiencing substantial fitness benefits.

The combination of our widest variety of individual elements ever allows for an extensive number of children of varying age ranges to play side by side. Multiple entry and exit points allows the user to freely explore the structure improving their climbing, balancing and traversing skills. The tried and tested sliding and climbing wall elements are teamed with scramble nets and balance challenges to offer increased excitement and a greater solo or group play experience.

Whether it’s King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table or imagining an Ogre and a Princess and their ‘Far Far Away Kingdom’, The Clamber Castle offers an endless world of play, imagination and challenges!
* Please note, our magnificent Welsh castle comes without 12 celebrities and a film crew!!

Throughout the design and development of the Clamber Castle, A E Evans have worked closely with the Play Inspection Company. This close collaboration has enabled the Clamber Castle to be designed and developed following the strict guidelines set out in the British standards EN 1176.