We continue to enhance our reputation as one of the leaders in the round wood fencing market with the launch of ‘Eva-last’ long life timber technology.

The new brand name ‘Eva-last’ brings together all A E Evans fencing products whether machine round or traditionally peeled. ‘Eva-Last’ long life timber technology is backed by the Lonza Wood Protection Treat-Right Warranty which offers a consistent and effective all round preservative barrier giving us the confidence to offer a 15 year date marked performance warranty.


How it works

  1. Firstly we use quality spruce stakes dried to optimum moisture level ready for treatment.
  2. Using one of our three incising machines we mechanically incise the timber giving us the best penetration.
  3. The timber is then treated with the latest generation TANALITH wood preservative with BARamine technology.
  4. These steps give us the 15 year treat right warranty.





Check out our Eva-Last flyer for more


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