Timber Treatment Process

As part of the manufacture of all our fencing products A E Evans preservative pre-treat our timbers within our own on-site facilities using Lonza's state of the art auto treater system to ensure they will have a greatly extended and low maintenance service life. As a minimum all our timbers are treated to a 15 year desired service life specification.


When it comes to preservative pressure treated timber, you need to have assured confidence in its long-term performance and durability.

The latest generation TANALISED pressure treated timber we supply is unique. It has been treated with latest generation TANALITH 9000 wood preservative - an exceptional and proven product, which provides unrivalled protection for your timbers.

More than 20 years of successful commercial use, in addition to extensive independent field trials, underpin the performance of TANALITH 9000 wood preservative and TANALISED treated timber.


Latest generation TANALITH 9000 has all the properties of the original TANALITH but also now incorporates patent pending BARamine technology from Lonza Wood Protection. This provides an even more robust protection allowing greater penetration of the wood preservative into the timber as well as protecting against certain copper tolerant brown rot organisms.


The use of latest generation TANALITH 9000 wood preservative, together with the quality timber species we use and our production procedures, including incising, gives us the confidence to offer a 15 Year Treat-Right Warranty on our fencing and playground timbers. Further details on our warranty can be seen by clicking here.










Use Classes

Timber can be preservative treated to suit the degree of hazard it is likely to be subjected to in its eventual end use. These Use Classes are defined in BS EN 335-1 and are shown in the table below. All our fencing timbers are treated to either Use Class 3 Uncoated (out of ground contact) or Use Class 4 (in ground contact).