Steel feet into Timber

A E Evans have designed a brand new galvanised steel foot which is available on the majority of products and offers a cost effective alternative to having in ground timbers.

The galvanised foot is constructed using steel tubes and inserts into the base of the timber and is secured using three M12 Bolts. The standard foot is designed so 600mm is secured in concrete with the base of the timber being 70mm above ground. If loosefill is being used a 300mm longer foot is available.

To see examples of our Steel feet on some of our equipment, please click on a product below;

Balance Walk with Steel Feet

Clamber Stack 2 with Steel Feet

Toddler Tower Single Deck Unit 2 with Steel Feet

Tri Play Challenge Option 1 with Steel Feet

Timber Group Swing with Steel Feet

For more information and details please do not hesitate to get in touch.